Saturday, May 14, 2011

No-Name Papers? Never Again

You're cruising through your students' assignments, and then you hit the dreaded no-name paper. One of the biggest pet-peeves I have. You really want to wad it up and throw it in the recycle bin, but that wouldn't help you or the student...even though it would feel really good to do so.

If this has ever happened to you, I have a tip that will make sure you never have a no-name paper again. Well, never say never...

It goes like this:

You hand out an assignment. You say, "Please put your name on the paper as soon as you get it." When everyone has the assignment, you add, "Now find an elbow partner (someone nearby) and check to make sure they have written their name on their assignment."

If it's an assignment done at home, ask the students to check their elbow partner's paper to make sure there is a name before they turn in the assignment.

It takes five seconds. Since I've been using this idea, I have never had a no-name paper come across my desk (knock on wood).

I hope this idea helps you keep your sanity.

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