Wednesday, August 18, 2010

NumberNut: Interactive Mathematical Games and Instruction Website

I was directed toward Numbernut by Richard Bryne author of the blog Free Technology for Teachers.

Numbernut Key Features:
+ The games are easy to play, yet very engaging
+ The quizzes are simple and give immediate feedback
+ Includes a math glossary written in humorous and kid-friendly language
+ Based on California Department of Education Standards
+ Activities are broken into basic and advanced levels
+ Simple for students and teachers to navigate

I wish it had a way to embed the games into a blog, wiki, or website, so you could streamline the activities and quizzes for the specific content you're teaching at the time.

It also calls a rhombus a diamond...always a pet peeve.

There are several other sites like Numbernut created by the same company, Andrew Rader Studios.

Click here for more.

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