Monday, March 14, 2011

How To Use All Of Your Great Literature

I love teaching! I especially love to share great literature with my students on a daily basis. Learning about reader and writer's workshops years ago has given me the framework to pass on those passions to my students. Unfortunately, after a few years my book collection got so big, I was forgetting which books were great for which mini-lessons.

So, I've created a list of the books in my collection and which writing mini-lessons I have used those books for in the past. This list allows me the chance to finish my weekly lesson plans that much quicker! No longer am I spending lots of time trying to remember the titles I used in the past.

I hope this list can be of help to you as well. Use it as a starting point, continuing to add books to the list and improving your craft.

Please follow this link for an extensive list of writing mini-lessons.

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J. Kornoely said...

This is an amazing resource! Young teachers looking for direction will appreciate this, and veteran teachers will find your list an invaluable addition to their teaching toolbox.

Thank you for sharing!