Monday, October 18, 2010

The Magic "Thank You" Theory

They won't quiet down. It's picture day, or it's storming outside, or it's a full moon, whatever it is, the classroom is electrified. I have to direct this current to good use, but first I need to get them to focus.

I try shushing and shoosing. I try stern looks and head shakes. I try hands on hips and a hanging head.
All attempts fail.

Then I look at those who are quietly sitting looking at me, patiently waiting for the rest of follow suit. 

Then it hits me.

"Thank you Taylor."
"Thank you Daniel."
"Thank you Josh."
"Thank you Samantha."

The crowd goes silent.

I'm not sure why it works. I just know it's been working for seven years.

Try this polite and simple way to quickly quiet a raucous classroom tomorrow.

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